Choroi Ash Wood Hand Resonator Set - 7 pieces


With the Hand Resonators and Brass Pipes a worldwide proven system is involved, which is unsurpassed in terms of versatility for many years. These resonators are versatile instruments and good tools for teaching. The tone pipes are color coded so the right size brass pipe is paired with the correct size resonator.

Sold as individual resonators or a set. Can use with (55150500) which are the brass pentatonic 7 piece pipe set. Or use with individual brass pipes with 440 or 432 Hz.

Set of Hand Resonators pentatonic, 7 pcs, content: 1x 55156100- 3x 55156200- 1x 55156300- 2x 55156400

More Information
UnitSet 7 Pieces
Country of ManufactureGermany
Wood typeash wood