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About Mercurius

Mercurius continues to be the leading supplier of independent and public Waldorf schools as well as early childhood programs. With over 30 years of serving educators around the world, we have developed a unique selection of products especially tailored to the needs of Waldorf schools and teachers. Increasingly other school programs recognise the unique qualities and pedagogical value of what our vast range of products has to offer, making them more sought after and appreciated.

We supply sustainably-produced products for art and music instruction, classic school supplies, toys, imaginative play, as well as candles, and high-quality school furniture. Our art supply offerings include: painting, drawing, modelling, fine and fibre arts and other handicrafts, as well as movement.

From the beginning, Mercurius has developed an unmatched degree of knowledge and expertise that customers have come to expect. While proud of our history, we eagerly embrace the future by working every day with our customers to refine our offerings for our customers’ changing needs. Our commitment to schools, therapists, and retailers ensures our products are always accessible, appropriate and affordable.

Education and creativity with heart, head and hands

  • High-quality products for creative education
  • Working together with Waldorf schools since 1986
  • Socially and environmentally responsible

Our mission

We are in business to provide people with high-quality products to educate and develop creativity and imagination, bringing a positive contribution to people and the planet.


Our vision

In collaboration with the Mercurius’s international partners, preferred suppliers, sheltered workshops our goal is to be climate positive and offer a circular product assortment before 2030.

Mercurius Association

Social inclusion and collaboration

Social inclusion is a key principle at Mercurius. Accordingly, we strive to source products and services from organisations that employ people with disabilities. Many of these products are hand-made and imbued with especially high levels of quality and unique character. Our support makes a real difference for these organisations, and therefore you as well are a part of this meaningful work toward inclusion.


Mercurius association

The relationships Mercurius has established and cultivated with sheltered workshops, partners, suppliers and organisations illustrate the work done toward social inclusion, cooperation and collaboration. These are not mere catchphrases but guiding principles. Mercurius strives to be a model for this kind of work by operating as a nexus for likeminded groups for the benefit of all.

Mercurius Association

Mercurius' international partners

We believe in the positive power of collaboration in the supply chain. Not only on the production and purchase of our products, but also when selling our products. We have a worldwide network of Mercurius partners whom we work with in about 50 countries. These Mercurius partners work together locally with the Waldorf organisations and customers within their own country.

In our Mercurius association we share our experiences and suggestions for product improvements, new products and help each other with advice. This way we serve our customers per country in their own language and culture and with a personal touch. Based on mutual trust, Mercurius has been working together with most of our partners for many years.

Find all local Mercurius partners on page 282 of this catalogue or by visiting us at


Collaboration with preferred suppliers

Mercurius is proud of the close partnerships we have cultivated with suppliers over the years as we work to ensure that the needs of all parties are met, with a view toward creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


Collaboration with sheltered workshops

Together with sheltered workshops both Mercurius as well as some of our preferred suppliers work on producing and packing a large part of our product assortment. By working together with sheltered workshops we help make a difference, contribute to inclusiveness and work on unique products made from natural resources.


Organizational structure

Mercurius is owned by the Neuguss Foundation. This not for profit foundation offers a space or a platform, respectively, for the consolidation of different ventures in both service-oriented and sales branches. Inspired by anthroposophy, Neuguss follows the idea: Economy can achieve so much more than just striving for earnings. There is much more. There is the well-being of present and future generations.

Neuguss supports the realisation of the above-mentioned approach. The neutralisation of capital and a cooperative joint venture organisation and culture are two essential aspects. Both, the ideal of an esthetical leadership as well as the consideration of the ecological and social sustainability are taken into consideration. This includes a worthwhile use of the earnings.

Our goal – together with our partners - is to depict that a different economical approach is possible. An approach which refers to human beings and which creates a balance between economic constraints and needs of the companies as well as the needs of the involved human beings and sustainability.

Responsible ownership by stewardship

Neuguss and its companies “belong” to the foundation. It is the umbrella for all the companies and watches over the capital and assets. Entrepreneurial responsibility for day-to-day operations resides with the companies. Ownership and succession issues are no longer an issue. This radiates peace and security - the basis for successful work.


  • 100% not for profit foundation
  • Socially and environmentally responsible
  • Well-being of present and future generations

Collaboration with sheltered workshops in cooperation with preferred suppliers

Mercurius works together with a range of sheltered workshops. Everyone is unique and is able to contribute and feel included within society. These social initiatives we work with range from places of educating to living communities for people with a disability of one kind or another. The mentors and caretakers within these organisations see the talents of people and together they work on an approach for everyone to be included and see possibilities for development for each individual. The sheltered workplaces we cooperate with create musical instruments, lesson books, toys, candles and help pack and label many products Mercurius sells. They feel like an important part of a process that leads to a finished product.


organizational structure

Mercurius is wholly-owned by the Neuguss Foundation, based in Berlin, Germany. Neuguss was created by Alfred Rexroth, a German entrepreneur, to own and operate businesses for community benefit. Neuguss does this by insuring that its businesses pursue strategies described by Rexroth as “balanced between business goals, the interest of employees, and the welfare of the general public.” This unique ownership structure and guiding philosophy means that Mercurius is fundamentally committed to values shared with our customers, bringing us closer in our daily work, and enabling a level of collaboration not often found in business relationships. That was Alfred Rexroth’s vision, and Mercurius today is proof of its viability.