83 Items

  1. Stockmar Dual Pencil Sharpener FSC Lime Wood
    Art. 85009000
  2. Artemis Wax and Resin Emulsion Binding Agent
    Art. 85025000
  3. Artemis Wax and Resin Emulsion
    Art. 85025010
  4. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons Tin Case - 8 standard assorted colors
    Art. 85031000
  5. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons Tin Case - 8 Waldorf assorted colors
    Art. 85031001
  6. Stockmar Rainbow Edition - 8 assorted colors
    Art. 85031100
  7. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons Box - 12 assorted colors
    Art. 85031200
  8. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons Tin Case - 16 assorted colors
    Art. 85032000
  9. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons Tin Case - 8 supplementary colors - Set 1
    Art. 85032100
  10. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons Tin Case - 8 supplementary colors - Set 2
    Art. 85032101
  11. Stockmar Colours of the World Stick Crayons - 8 assorted colors
    Art. 85032200
  12. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons Box - 32 assorted colors
    Art. 85032320
  13. Stockmar Wax Crayons Combo Wooden Box - 8 blocks & 8 sticks standard colors
    Art. 85032549
  14. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons Wooden Box - 24 assorted colors
    Art. 85032600
  15. Stockmar Wax Stick Crayons - box of 12
    Art. 850330xx 33 colours available
  16. Stockmar Wax Block Crayons Tin Case - 8 assorted colors
    Art. 85034000
  17. Stockmar Wax Block Crayons Waldorf Tin Case - 8 assorted colors
    Art. 85034001
  18. Stockmar Wax Block Crayons Box -12 assorted colors
    Art. 85034200
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Founded by Hans Stockmar in 1922, first with beekeeping products and beeswax candles, then at the urging of art teachers he developed the modelling beeswax. Over time and with Waldorf teachers, Stockmar created other products, most notably the wax crayon, watercolors and wax decorating sheets.

Today Stockmar products are known around the world for their uncompromised quality and production adherence to high pedagogical, artistic, social and environmental standards. They are regularly subjected to testing by independent laboratories in Germany to insure their safety and purity.

Stockmar products have a positive influence on the child’s development of the senses

  • Sight- Harmonious colors act on the sense of sight
  • Touch- Pleasant texture and form of materials helps develop of the sense of touch
  • Movement- Form drawing with crayons and colored pencils helps develop the sense of movement 
  • Smell- Beeswax scent of modelling beeswax and crayons nourish the sense of smell 
  • Warmth- Modelling beeswax creates a sense of warmth 
  • Life- The transparency of the colors appeal to the meaning of life 
  • Balance- Gradient of color is effective for the sense of balance


Goethe’s Theory of Color

Based on Goethe’s Theory of Color, the color range is consistent throughout the entire Stockmar assortment. Almost all of Stockmar’s art products are available in this wide range of colors which complement each other. Meaning a carmine colored pencil or wax crayon, is the same carmine as the watercolors, modelling beeswax and decorating wax. Therefore the mixing techniques of combining crayons along with watercolors produce a very harmonious effect. This specific choice of colors, the mutual harmony of the individual colors and the excellent mixing capabilities, is what we refer to as the Stockmar Color Harmony.