Soapstone 70 oz. package Pieces of 0.35-3.52 oz.


Soapstone is a soft stone which is easy to carve. Soapstone is found in many species around the world. The hardness, color, and structure differ depending on its origin.

With just waterproof sandpaper and some water, you can easily turn a rough stone into a beautiful gem. After drying, it is advisable to rub the stone with wax to retain its beautiful and surprising colors.

The large stones can be made smaller with an old wood saw. Available in two amounts 4 lb. or 33 lb. sizes.

cardboard box, 4 lbs. (2 kg) - pieces are roughly 0.35 oz. - 3.53 oz. (10 - 100g) in weight per piece- packed in plastic bag.

More Information
BrandDe Beeldhouwwinkel
UnitBox 2 kg
Country of ManufactureBrazil