Mollenhauer Soprano Recorder Waldorf Edition Pentatonic 442 Hz


An easy introduction to the recorder. With its wide bore and well-placed finger holes, the instrument has an amazingly full and rich sound, absolutely ideal for the classroom. In the design of the head joint, special attention was paid to the ease of tone production and articulation.

The wide internal diameter of the 'Waldorf Edition' recorders (Van-Eyck Renaissance style) made by Mollenhauer, creates a full, ensemble sound that mixes well. The holes have a good grip and the children can easily find them.

The shape of the instrument is designed according to both ergonomic and orthodontic principles and draws on an immense experience of the manufacture of reliable and beautiful school instruments

Pentatonic - 7 tone. Pear wood, A= 442 Hz, with thumbhole, range: d", e", g", a", b", d"', e"'.

Accessories: cotton roll bag, cleaning rod with leather cloth, tin of grease, fingering chart.

More Information
Country of ManufactureGermany
Tuning in A442 Hz