Lyra Rembrandt Fine Art Special Pencils - 12 Assorted Dry and Oil Pencils


An assortment of red, sepia, black and white chalk, graphite, aquarelle pencils, charcoal, carbon and titanium. Lyra Art Specials Pastels - Artists' Assortment. Tin case, 12 pencils.

Includes: titan woodless artist's 6B pencil | titan woodless artist's HB pencil | graphite aquarelle HB pencil | Rembrandt medium carbon pencil | black greasy charcoal drawing pencil | black grease-free compressed charcoal drawing pencil | white grease-free chalk pencil | sepia grease-free light brown pencil | sepia grease-free dark brown pencil | red chalk grease-free pencil | red chalk greasy pencil

More Information
UnitTin 12 Pieces
Country of ManufactureAustria
Pencils shaperound