Line Drawer w/ Wax Crayon, 10 Strings, Instructions, & Booklet of Ideas


This dynamic and creative drawing game gets children playing and interacting as a group (max 10). They can make a drawing together outside in the school yard using special outdoor chalk, or create a drawing in the classroom using the Stockmar wax crayon provided. Ten long colored strings attached to the wooden Line-Drawer so the entire radius spans 86.6 inches (2.2 meters). Next, a crayon or school yard chalk is fixed to the center with Velcro, and the game can begin. The children create a drawing by moving and pulling together. It’s a great way for children to enjoy themselves together and also encourages them to brainstorm, collaborate and solve problems as a group. Line drawing helps to develop motor skills, concentration and hand-eye coordination. And it’s great fun. The Line-Drawer comes with a wax crayon, 10 strings and a booklet with instructions, examples of tasks, other uses and variations. It’s also a great adult team building activity. The school yard chalk for the Line-Drawer must be ordered separately.

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Country of ManufactureGermany