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  1. Filges Plant-dyed Fairy Tale Wool - 3.5oz./100 g - single color
    Art. 353250xx 13 colours avilable
  2. Filges Fairy tale wool 25 gr.- green,brown shades
    Art. 35325017
  3. Filges Plant-dyed Fairy Tale Wool - 100 g - 10 assorted colors
    Art. 35325100
  4. Filges Plant-dyed Fairy Tale Wool Earth Tones - 100 g - 4 assorted colors
    Art. 35325150
  5. Filges Plant-dyed Fairy Tale Wool Earth Tones - 50 g - 4 assorted colors
    Art. 35325200
  6. Filges Plant-dyed Fairy Tale Wool - 50 g - 12 assorted colors
    Art. 35325205
  7. Filges Wool Doll-Mobile Creating Set - 13 assorted colors
    Art. 35325300
  8. Filges Dancing Silk Fairy-Mobile Creating Set - 12 assorted colors
    Art. 35325305
  9. Filges Plant-dyed Felting Wool - 3.5 oz./100 g - single color
    Art. 353260xx 13 colours avilable
  10. Filges Felting Wool Plant-dyed - 10 assorted colors
    Art. 35326100
  11. Bioland 100% Pure New Eco Wool Felt - 6 sheets - Basic Colors
    Art. 35326200
  12. Bioland 100% Pure New Eco Wool Felt - 6 sheets - Pastel Colors
    Art. 35326205
  13. Filges Felt Bioland Pastel Colours - 10 sheets
    Art. 35326210
  14. Filges Felt Beads - assorted colors
    Art. 35326994
  15. Bioland Organic Fairy Tale Wool - 100 g - Natural/White
    Art. 35327001
  16. Bioland Organic Fairy Tale Wool Combed 500 g/17.6 oz. - Natural/White
    Art. 35327005
  17. Filges Thick 100% Pure Wool Yarn / 3.53 oz. - Basic Colors
    Art. 35327105
  18. Filges Thick 100% Pure Wool Yarn / 3.53 oz. - Pastel Colors
    Art. 35327110
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Filges founded their family enterprise in 1985. In the beginning, they only ran a small manual spinning plant and their wool combing works. Then they added their plant color dyeing mill. The principles that rule their personal life also apply in the manufactoring and distribution of their products: They want to use and to produce sustainable, ecological and emission-free products. Filges is a Bioland-certified manufacturer of sheep wool since 1995. Since 2015 they are a member of the IVN (Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft, International Association of Natural Textiles). Filges‘ wool comes exclusively from sheeps raised in certified organic animal husbandry in Germany. The Filges dyes are plant-based. For mordants they use alum and tartar.


Philosophy of Filges

Wollmanufaktur Filges sees itself as an active part of a community shaped by the mutual respect of its members. Filges‘ intent is to act in an environmentally sustainable manner in order to preserve natural resources, avoid harmful effects upon nature and mankind and promote biodiversity. In order to make these goals traceable for consumers, their company is Bioland-certified since 1996. You can look up the Bioland standards to gain an impression of what this means in detail. Furthermore, they not only design their products to be natural and unharmful to one's health, but they also want them to be valuable in a social sense. Lastly, Filges attaches major importance to the fact that, if possible, all grey goods used during production come from Germany. This is the only way for us to ensure that unnecessary climate-damaging transports are avoided and that we do not support intransparent or unethical working conditions.

This family business based in Germany was founded over 25 years ago. They share our vision with respect to environmental, quality and safety issues. Filges and Mercurius both believe in loyalty while working toward mutual collaboration to produce and supply the finest quality product.

Filges specializes in the manufacture of organic wool and silk dyed with vegetable dyes. They still use traditional, artisanal processes. The wool is very durable without the use of chemicals. The team is just five enthusiastic employees and we are proud to have them as preferred supplies.


The wool used is pure new wool which complies 100% with the strict guidelines of Bioland.

Bioland is a German agricultural association founded in 1971. They are a part of the Association of Organic Food and these farms are based on circular economy and work with nitrogen fertilizers not of synthetic origin. Animals are kept in a very humane way. The Bioland guidelines are more stringent than the already strict environmental and animal-friendly EU Organic Regulations.