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  1. Artemis Plant Watercolours 50 ml
    Art. 850220xx 12 colours available
  2. Artemis Plant Colour Pigments 50 ml
    Art. 850221xx 14 colours available
  3. Artemis Plant Watercolours 25 ml
    Art. 850230xx 12 colours available
  4. Artemis Plant Colour Pigments 10 ml
    Art. 850241xx 8 colours available
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Plant colors are light colors. They come into being through the living power of sunlight. This distinguishes plant colors from earth, mineral and synthetic colors. Having been stored underground in the form of metals or mineral oil, represent the earth forces. Plant colors on the in contrast are full of light and movement and have something extraordinarily vital about them. This is what gives them their special artistic expressiveness and explains why they are so valuable in painting therapy.

The basis for all Artemis products is plant color pigment derived from flowers, leaves, stalks, roots or resins. Together with wax and other naturally occurring raw materials, they are processed into Artemis Plant Colors to yield pigments with crystalline properties. The crystalline substances shine from within as the pigments capture the light and reflect it back from its own distinct form.

Mercurius supplies Artemis Plant Colors so artists can experience the unique characteristics that this line offers. This high-quality line is a safe way to experience natural pigments while meeting all stringent guidelines.


Artemis Plant Watercolours

Artemis Watercolors convey the lively character, the inner blaze of plant colors, in a very beautiful way. The transparent Plant Watercolors are suitable for all watercolour techniques. Scumbling and layering produce a particularly intense shine.
Artemis Plant Watercolors are available as ready-to-use liquid colours, or as color pigments. For optimum results, the viscous color paste should be thoroughly mixed with a paint brush and then slightly thinned with water. Dried paint can be easily reworked using water.

For painting with the color pigments, a binding agent like the Artemis Wax and Resin Emulsion can be used. During the drying process the pigments, once embedded in the resin, produce a half scumble effect with extraordinary brilliance.
Opened jars and prepared paint can be best kept in the fridge.


The relationship content (weight in gram and oz) to bottle size (in fl. oz and ml) you can see in the following chart:

Color no. 10 ml 0.34 fl.oz 50 ml 1.7 fl.oz
01, 31 8 g 0.28 oz 40 g 1.41 oz
02, 04, 05 6 g 0.21 oz 30 g 1.06 oz
03, 11, 14, 30 - - 30 g 1.06 oz
09, 35 5 g 0.18 oz 25 g 0.88 oz
7 3 g 0.11 oz 20 g 0.71 oz
12 - - 14 g 0.49 oz
15 - - 20 g 0.71 oz