seven arts
twelve senses

With our sense of speech we perceive the formulated thoughts of other persons. These consist of sounds and contents. The sounds that we perceive as speech do not have a physical form and are independent in their own right. Children distinguish the meanings of the sounds of words before understanding the language itself. Later on, they learn to express own opinions by means of language.

To better understand the sense of speech we can imagine how a scream of pain lets us directly experience the person's pain although there is no language to judge it by. "Also gestures, facial expressions and physiognomy express something simple and direct that falls just as much in the sense of speech category as does the content of the audible sound" (Rudolf Steiner).

art makes sense

A child directly trains his speaking abilities by listening to his parents and later on to the speech of his teacher. Using poetry and literature is an excellent means for the teacher to cultivate children's sense of speech. Another important area is practising and learning language for theater performances.

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