seven arts
twelve senses

When we touch a cold object like an iron ball, we are aware that its coldness is not only on the surface like colours are, but that it penetrates the entire ball. In a similar way, we gain deep insight into materials through our sense of warmth. A world that is full of light but without warmth would ossify completely. Without warmth, no change could take place. Time would stand still.

The essence of warmth is enthusiasm. When we become enthused about doing something, we're personally stimulated to carry out an activity ourselves or with others. The sense of warmth makes us "interested" beings who develop fondness, sympathy and love for our fellow men. That's why we talk about "warming up" to an idea or a "warm-hearted" person.

Children who grow up without the warmth of their mother or other close persons often suffer emotional damage.

art makes sense

All forms of art train the sense of warmth that involve working with materials that change once they become warm, such as modelling with wax, clay and wax foils or painting with warm colours. This also pertains to "social sculpture" as Joseph Beuys understands it: associating warm-heartedly with a group of people is the conscious creation of a new form of social art.

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