seven arts
twelve senses

By the act of touching we become aware of pressure, resistance, hardness or softness. Through this process we do not necessarily recognize an object immediately, but it can make us shrink back, exert counterpressure or overcome resistance.

Through the sense of touch, a child comes in touch contact with the world, but also experiences limits. By touching things a child ascertains that the objects are not part of itself but separate and different. This experience helps the child to distance itself from the cosmos, of which it was an integral part. Thus, the child experiences limits but at the same time gains self-awareness through these. The way in which a child makes contact with the world is of utmost importance. Handling natural materials provides many differentiated tangible impressions. It's also significant that it's possible to feel not only with the hands, but also with the eyes and even with the ears.

art makes sense

Sculpture is the artistic discipline which trains these skills in a special way. The child models and discovers materials with its hands and shapes forms which it "felt" before with its eyes, and it invents and creates new things as well.

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