seven arts
twelve senses

When we understand a person who expresses himself by speaking, it is the thought sense which enables us to understand. All the things we hear can be transformed into thoughts and ideas, and in this way, ideas are present in speech. In a thought or idea the innermost character of a person, animal or object can be expressed.

A person comes closer to the truth by understanding the thoughts and ideas of other people. But since ascertaining the truth is not an easy process, this requires constant conscious efforts.

art makes sense

Working with the arts helps to develop and sharpen judging abilities. In order to discover the meaning and idea of a work of art, it is necessary to examine it and to reflect upon it. This kind of activity with works of art is practised in school when paintings are evaluated or when poetry or plays are interpreted. Children and adolescents also face the challenge of judging, correcting and comprehending when dealing with their own artistic works. This fosters independence and originality and provides the basis for healthy judgement.

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