seven arts
twelve senses

The sense of taste penetrates deeper into matter than does the sense of smell. A person ingests food and dissolves it with the help of saliva; he changes it into another state and through his sense of taste becomes aware of its characteristics: it tastes sweet, hot, bitter, mild, sour, tangy, unripe, bad, etc.

His body assimilates the food and its substances, and determines by his sense of taste what things are digestible or not. In this way, he develops "good taste" in the figurative sense, or, in other words, a feeling for quality.

art makes sense

It's a well-known fact that babies put everything into their mouths. They not only touch and smell things, but taste them as well. By so doing they are already beginning to develop their own taste. In this connection the kind materials they have around them is not insignificant. When painting and modelling children deal with colours and shapes in an artistic process that are then brought together into harmony. By so doing, they develop a feeling for beauty and goodness. This occurs as well when playing instruments, reciting and listening to poetry, dancing and in eurythmy.

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