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Social sculpture - the vision of the future so named by Joseph Beuys in the mid-seventies - gives an idea of how an expanded concept of art can be understood. Speaking about social sculpture, Beuys says, "Sculpture is synonomous with humanity..., an objective term for man himself."

In his work "Social Sculpture", Rainer Rappmannn describes how Beuys goes a step farther - beyond individual man to the interhuman, social level when he raises the question: "How can every man on earth become a creator, a sculptor, a shaper of the social organism?"

Beuys sees the social question as a work of sculpture: "Where there is now alienation between people - one could almost call it a piece of cold sculpture - that's where we have to create a sculpture of warmth. Warmth has to be created between people. That's what love is."

This makes clear that he is not talking about "physical warmth but warmth between people or evolutionary warmth, as it should be called."

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