seven arts
twelve senses

Through the sense of sight we perceive the world of forms and colours, which become with the help of light. But we do not only perceive the objects - they also reveal themselves by means of their individual shape and colouring.

That's why we can penetrate even deeper inside physical objects with our sense of sight than with our sense of smell. When we taste something, we learn something specific about the material quality, but when we see something the colouring and shape give us essential information about the object. The eye is the most comprehensive sensory organ; with it we sense if the object we're looking at is pleasant or unpleasant; we "feel" an object with our eyes, we "taste" whether the colours are sweet and we judge how they "smell".

art makes sense

Through the arts, the things we visually experience are transformed into visual impressions that have an influence on our feelings. When painting, drawing, modelling or acting we have experiences and gain knowledge that enrich our emotional world and stimulate our thinking.

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