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In sculpture, mouldable material such as stone, wood, clay or plaster is transformed by the scupltor in a creative process into a three-dimensional, palpable shape - the human or animal form. The artist attempts to give his material a shape which then draws the viewer into the creative process spanning idea and ultimate form.

Varied materials place different demands on the artist with respect to working-styles and procedure. Stone is the hardest material with the highest resistance. Wood, in contrast, seems young and soft. Clay and modelling-wax are especially malleable and therefore an ideal sculpturing material for even young children.

For children of all ages, sculpturing is an important activity. It develops their fine motor abilities, improves their sense of touch and demands patience and fantasy. Sculpturing from a model trains their observational capacity and strengthens their sense of reality. In modelling, interaction occurs between material, form, imagination and feeling, which has a direct effect on body and soul.

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