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Music and melodic character conceal important keys to understanding the complexities of human nature. They are able to touch the deepest realms of man's soul and can therefore stimulate and set off remarkable healing processes when therapeutically employed. Music served as the basis for Pythagoras' theories, and Kepler also employed it in calculating the orbit of the planets. Music can be looked upon as the universal language which lets man express his innermost nature and thereby simultaneously touches all other beings.

In contrast to the spoken word, the language of music is capable of creating unison among all its listeners, and when the listener actively particpates, he at the same time experiences his role as an element of the world and universe. Geothe's words in his work "Wilhelm Meister" reflect when he says: "That is why we have selected music out of all plausibities as an element in our education and upbringing, for music paves many similar paths in many directions."

Music is therefore considered a social art that particularly promotes the social senses, for the musician always relies on others, whether as co-performers or listeners. Children who make music practise social skills. When they play together, it's not only important for them to concentrate on their own voices or instruments, but to be conscious of the other musicians and to fit in correctly to create joint harmony. In this sense, music is an important area for practising and developing social skills.

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